Tattoo machine light and how to set it up.

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Here we show you how to set up your tattoo light to your tattoo machine. you can find this tattoo machine light click here close caption by – This a tutorial of how to hook up your machine light to your machine. First you want to unscrew the that hold the from post. And slide the screw out . go ahead and remove these washers. And then you want to go ahead and insert the screw into the little hole right here on the light. You dont want the machine light touching the frame so you want go ahead insert the plastic light stopper to prevent it from touching the frame go head and hook everything back on add your front post Go ahead and tighten your screw and from here you can retune your machine and adjust your light how you want it pretty much it hook like that its off the frame and then once you hook up everything you going to hook up the other clip to the bottom part of the clip cord and then once you step on the foot pedal your machine light will turn on and your good to go. to get this product.

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    11 Responses to Tattoo machine light and how to set it up.

    1. spoilt14 says:

      pretty fuckin cool

    2. loloolooe says:

      How it will work with rotaries?

    3. mrsgreenthumb2010 says:

      That was great. Very informative!

    4. jaybiz12 says:

      Where exactly on your site do u have the light for sale?

    5. WHTMBassist says:

      this was amazingly helpful

    6. xtataex says:

      This was very helpful. Thanks man.

    7. craigomatic627 says:

      My saudering point all wore off and my light fell apart within a month which suck because it looks so cool on my mickey sharps

    8. Headshothorror4488 says:

      When the machine is running it moves the light so its a pain in the as

    9. david bramhall says:

      ta 4 the info

    10. aidinharper says:

      The site doesn’t have it, where can I buy it?

    11. Snip3rOne says:

      i got this and it’s the best thing ever! so ezy and helpfull!