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  1. Bruce McBurney says:

    Some have said chem trails are supposedly to slow down global warming by reflective material used to reflex the suns heat energy back into space. Why can we not get the truth about the suppressed 100 Miles per gallon system out. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage has been done, actually invented hundreds of times over the last 90 years only to shelved by corporate interests Please see web sites and share out to all web sites Byron wine. com .Rex and him acre search .com

  2. Angel Bussiere says:

    Chemtrails are part of HAARP. HAARP sends incredible amounts of energy up into the ionosphere and even punching holes in the magnetosphere (magnetosphere protects us from being irradiated into a piece of bacon) and then the ionosphere sends EMF’s down into the earth. It can cause man made earthquakes and read what is under ground. This is a military weapon being sold as a agricultural and environmental protection. Plants will stop absorbing water to protect from heavy metals. Plants=FOOD.

  3. siaa radd says:


  4. koertje says:

    No cos I am not in the conspiracy religion.

  5. Buster Dallas says:

    Guys, reply here if you notice since Sept-16-2013 to the present if the chem trail spraying has stopped. I travelled recently this weekend crossing thru 4 states and noticed since the date that no chemtrail is being sprayed. This almost freaked me out, along with the conspiracy theory coming this October-1-2013 (hoping it really is not true) I am from the upper Midwest area near the Great Lakes.

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