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  1. steven stratton says:

    see this al the time over me in the uk, all ways at sunset

  2. justin sherwood says:

    You would of thought they TRIED to hide it by now!

  3. qchemp420 says:

    During last Sunday’s storms I saw a perfectly formed orange pentagon and an
    orange Star Trek chevron.

  4. SheopleNation says:

    Hey dumbshit, I just read chemtrails in DSW title and clicked it. I didn’t
    even notice the Illuminati reference, which I know a lot about. Then I
    watched it, and I was thinking the same thing. Came back and seen your
    ignoramus post which validates my original thoughts. If you don’t like it,
    get off his page you yes man android slave. They are spraying chemtrails
    all over California I can tell your herded brain that much! It’s not normal
    bro. ;) ~$heopleNation

  5. ambergilsdorf1 says:

    I have gotten so many pictures of this today here in PHX…there were more
    than I’ve ever seen before. Additionally they were at it at 11pm last night
    as well.

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